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humble Robert has entertained hundreds of audiences from Holland to California. "ROBERT SKOGLUND, the 'Garrison Keillor of Maine,'"

backstory in The Christian Science Monitor


"Maine radio personality Robert Skoglund, master of his state's arid wit, is New England's Answer to Garrison Keillor."

Cover story in The Boston Herald


“Robert Skoglund … hosted the best program in the history of Maine Radio, The Humble Farmer…. “Humble’s” mix of old and newer jazz, corny and sophisticated humor and comments were idiosyncratic and funny and, at times, bitingly serious. They were what public radio is supposed to be for. His weekly shows were the best program that MPR has ever produced.”


You can hear humble's Public radio show --- now in its 34th year --- on WMPG Portland and -- on this web page.

On January 11, 2009 E. Myers wrote:

Dear Mr. Skoglund,

As a Native American, or whatever you want to call us, from my earliest remembrances of growing up in the home of my beloved maternal grandparents, I learned to love and respect my elders. As I grew older I came to the realization that offering to our elders respect and gratitude was small compensation for the wisdom they imparted to us younger people. For this reason I rise early every Sunday morning to listen to your show, more for the wisdom you impart than for the good music you play. As a Native American, I, too, have often wondered why people think they need to have more than one pair of shoes. Thank you for imparting your wisdom each Sunday morning. Have a happy, healthy, and enjoyable New Year.

E Myers


Treat the earth well,

It was not given to you by your parents;

It was loaned to you by your children.


Watch this spot for news about humble's upcoming novel about a fumbling spirit. He intends to call it The Gropes of Wraith.


March 20, 2008 ---- Dear humble, I lived in Maine for 9 wonderful, soulful and eye opening years. I came from the south, no not Portland but Atlanta, and found myself and who I was, in Maine. You were a big part of that. On Friday nights, because my tv had given out and I didn't want to pay for the cable to be strung down our road to my house, I listened to you and then the late Ed Bradley and Jazz from Lincoln Center while I tied my Caddis flies for the upcoming summer. I have since moved away from Maine, but think about it daily and miss it with a broken heart. Today I went onto the Maine Public Radio site to see if I could still hear your show on Friday nights. It made me sad to see that your show was no longer in the line-up. You were the best show on there! The humor and jazz were the perfect ending to a work week. I will miss your show always and look back on it as part of my growing into who I am today. Mason Shives

Thank you, Mason. Your comment made those shows worth while. And here's good news: You can hear The humble Farmer radio show here on my web page. humble


"You can learn a lot about a man by going into his bathroom and seeing how many extra holes he had to drill in the wall to put up his towel racks." The humble Farmer

June 14, 2007 "Robert Skoglund is a national treasure, and as such we should count ourselves lucky to have him on the air. As I understand it, public radio exists just for this kind of show." --- Grant Edmonds --- Urbana, IL 61801

Testimonial on humble's 2004 #1 CD: "Thank you for vastly enriching life in Maine and the lives of Mainers. In Japan, you'd be classified as a 'national treasure' and given a fat government stipend." Steve & Maureen

Testimonial on humble's 2005 #2 CD: "I enjoy your show a great deal...Thanks for sharing your wonderful humor and wisdom." Mary in Brunswick

"It is not until one puts down a blue carpet, that one realizes that most of the dirt in the world is white.” The humble Farmer

Testimonials on humble's 2006 #1 CD: "Robert ... is one of Maine's natural resources, a genuine commentator, observer, and outspoken comedian." David Lyman -- Founder, Rockport Photographic Workshop

"Humble is a literary icon." Heron Breen


Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I do. Every morning I wake up in a bed next to my Type A wife.

"I've heard nothing but good things about the event, and your part made quite a difference! I've been to many, many dinners for various Chambers and usually the speaker is someone who is about as interesting as the salad that's being served. You made the night fun and special! The bank plans on sponsoring the dinner again next year due to its great success!"

Karyn Scharf, Branch Manager,Kennebunk Savings Bank --- (May 12, 2003)

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