USDA Maine Rural Development, Orono, Maine

December 11, 2003

Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Karl Skoglund

The humble Farmer

Thank you, Tracey MacPheters, and USDA Maine Rural Development friends for asking me to be part of your Christmas party.

And a great big special thanks to Emily Farkas who took the first 8 pictures on this page.

white shirt/tie: Richard Ireland, Presque Isle Area Office

USDA Maine Rural Development Christmas Party 2003

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"On the left is Debra Michaud, Multi-Family Housing Assistant, Presque Isle Area Office. At right is Doris Montminy, Office Automaton Clerk at the Lewiston Area Office"

"Let's all pretend that this is a staff meeting."

white shirt, Rob Cross, Bangor Area Office

Tammy Carter, RD State Office

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for having a fun afternoon with humble in Orono.

"I went to a one room school."

"The teacher always taught the lesson the the slowest one in the room."

"When we were 15, every Friday night we'd go to a dance at the St. George Grange."

"It was right next to the school."

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