Seacoast Federal Credit Union

Alamoosook Lodge in Orland, Maine

December 11, 2004

Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer

Thank you, Debra Austin & Kyle Casburn for asking me to be part of your Christmas party.

And a special thanks to Beverly Wilson for leading the laughter and applause.

Please come visit Marsha and me anytime. And if you'd like to hear more, remember you can hear The humble Farmer radio show every Friday night from 7 until 8.

90.9 FM Bangor, Maine Public Radio

You can also hear the show on the Internet anywhere in the world.



"Let's all pretend that this is a staff meeting."

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for having a fun evening with humble at Alamoosook Lodge.

Seaboard Federal Credit Union, December 11, 2004

"I went to a one room school."

"The teacher always taught the lesson the the slowest one in the room."

"When we were 15, every Friday night we'd go to a dance at the St. George Grange."

"It was right next to the school."

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