Dave Rowe Trio, Schooner Fare, Denny Breau, Steve Grover Trio, Makem Brothers with the Spain Brothers

Beneficiary: Maine Cancer Foundation

Place: Franco American Heritage Center, Lewiston, ME

May 12, 2007

emcee, Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer

Thank you, Dave, for asking me to be a part of your concert

Dry Stories that you aren't supposed to get until the next day:

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1. Denny Breau, Steve Grover







8. Ed Howe, Dave Rowe, Kevin O'Reilly

9. Dave Rowe Trio

10. Dave Rowe Trio


12. Friend of Music

13. Denny Breau

14. Steve Grover

15. David Wells



18. Tony Gaboury, Denny Breau

19. Tony Gaboury, Steve Grover

20. Chuck Romanoff "Robert- Many thanks for taking and sharing your terrific photos (and captions) from the Tom Rowe Day. It was a perfect show : nobody got hurt, not too long or too short, lots of variety, spanning at least two generations, for an important cause. in memory of a very popular individual and hosted by one of Maine's icons (my spellcheck prevented the show being hoisted). Thanks for participating. Chuck Romanoff "

21. Dear Humble, Thanks for putting my picture on line. It is the one you took at the wonderful Tom Rowe Memorial Concert. It has always been my secret heart's desire to have my picture on line for the all the world to see. I am #21. Claire

22. Friends

23. Radio friend Al, I think.

24. Friends

25. Friends

26. Radio Friend




30. A fuzzy Dave Rowe


33. Steve & Chuck Romanoff -- Schooner Fare


35. Chuck Romanoff, Tony Gaboury, Steve Grover, David Wells



38. Denny Breau, Chuck Romanoff. Two old pros watching the kids perform.

39. Chuck Romanoff, Denny Breau

40. Chuck Romanoff, Denny Breau

41. Steve Romanoff, Denny Breau

42. Marsha, The Almost Perfect Woman, Joe & Mrs. Cupo. Marsha won't leave the house until Joe tells her if it is going to rain or snow. humble looked so shabby on stage that Joe, one of the best dressed men in Maine, took off his jacket and tossed it up to humble. Joe was good enough to join humble on stage and was roundly applauded when he said the sun was going to shine on Sunday.

43. David Wells

45. David Wells, Steve Grover, Tony Gaboury

46. Steve Grover, Steve Romanoff

47. Steve Grover, Steve Romanoff

48. Denny Breau, Steve Romanoff, Dave Rowe

49. Ed Howe, Chuck Romanoff, Denny Breau

50. Ed Howe, Chuck Romanoff, Denny Breau, Dave Rowe


52. Robert Skoglund: The humble Farmer. -- My wife asked me why I always dressed so shabby. I said that clothes don't amount to nothing. It's the body underneath that counts. And she said, "Don't make it any worse than it already is."

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for being a great audience at the

Dave Rowe Trio Concert

May 12, 2007

"I went to a one room school."

"The teacher always taught the lesson the the slowest one in the room."

"When we were 15, every Friday night we'd go to a dance at the St. George Grange."

"It was right next to the school."

"When I was young and single --- between the ages of 34 and 48 --- my old fourth cousin Gramp Wiley lived on my south line."

Gramp Wiley June 18, 1903 ---- August 28, 1984

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