Maine Chapter American Public Works Associaton

Annual Spring Meeting

April 3, 2003

Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer


Thanks to Steve Johnson for asking me to entertain his friends at the Elks Club in Waterville.

You were an outstanding audience, as audiences are likely to be at 11 AM.

Thank you for your applause and laughter.

Please thank Steve for inviting me to entertain you at the Elks Club in Waterville.



These pictures were taken with a Casio LCD Digital Camera QV-300, which doesn't have a flash

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for the wonderful welcome you gave humble at The Waterville Elks Club.

Monmouth, Maine, November 9, 2002.

Maine Apple Day.

Highmoor Farm, University of Maine Apple Tree Experimental Station

As emcee at Maine Apple Day, humble sampled 25 apple pies. humble likes a nice, tart pie and you can see that he has found the winner.

Gremlins release the brake in Marsha's car, and it rolls down the bank while she is watering the roses at the Tenants Harbor Boat Yard. Those white things are masts off rich kid yachts.

Marsha, The Almost Perfect Woman, and humble in Lysekil, Sweden, around 1999.

Stop by when you get to St. George, Maine and I'll give you a ride in my 1919 Model T. When I was a kid it sat about 1,000 feet SE of where this picture was taken. I bought it in 1951 for $10.

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