Somersworth, NH Chamber of Commerce

May 3, 2003

Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer

"I've heard nothing but good things about the event, and your part made quite a difference! I've been to many, many dinners for various Chambers and usually the speaker is someone who is about as interesting as the salad that's being served. You made the night fun and special! The bank plans on sponsoring the dinner again next year due to its great success!"

Karyn Scharf, Branch Manager

Kennebunk Savings Bank

Thanks to Gerry Gilbert, Chamber President; Gary Branyen; Kimberly Schoen and all the members of the Greater Somersworth Area Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to entertain at the beautiful Lodge at Spring Hill in South Berwick, Maine

Thank you, thank you, for your overwhelming response. You were the kind of audience that every entertainer lives for.

Thank you for your applause and laughter.

Please come visit Marsha and me anytime. And if you'd like to hear more, remember you can hear my radio show every Friday night from 7 until 8.

90.1 FM Portland, Maine Public Radio

You can also hear it on the Internet anywhere in the world.



These first pictures courtesy Hans & Becky Maryak

Awards Plus

Trophies, Plaques, Medallions & More

P.O. Box 431

Somersworth, NH 03878

(603) 692-6532

We loved your stories and are looking forward to hearing you again.... Thanks for the good laugh, it sure made my night!


Hans Maryak

Meeting planner: Introduce your speaker before the awards (no later than 8 P. M) and your friends in the audience will respond with laughter and cheers.

This is why meeting planners should never introduce a speaker after 8:30 PM.

The pictures below taken by humble with his Casio QV 300. He intends to replace it soon.

"Your talk was a riot and a great piece to a great night."

Nora Lyons, Somersworth Bureau Chief, 56 Market Street, Somersworth, N.H.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Branyen. Ten or more years ago Gary heard humble speak at a New York Life meeting and mailed humble the following: "I can't remember laughing as much in my life... I was on the verge of getting ill from laughing so much. I can easily recommend you to any group, your humor and style appeal to all age groups and demographics."

Hopefully, I'm better now than I was back then.

Jason Morrison

Jason Morrison

Jason Morrison and Kimberly A. Shoen

"The show was wonderful and the chamber folks are still talking about it. I know you picked up some new listeners."

Kimberly A. Shoen

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for the wonderful welcome you gave humble at Harland Goodwin's beautiful Spring Hill Banquet Hall & Restaurant in South Berwick. Harland's number is 207-384-2693.

"I went to a one room school."

"The teacher always taught the lesson the the slowest one in the room."

"When we were 15, every Friday night we'd go to a dance at the St. George Grange."

"It was right next to the school."

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