The humble Farmer at Bowdoin College, January 31, 2003

This is the letter from B that I read on the show I made for November 3, 2006. It is my understanding that this show was pulled and never aired because this letter was, for some reason, unsuitable for airplay.

I am now sorry that I submitted this letter on my November 3rd show and want to apologize to all of the Fascists in my listening audience who might have been offended if this show had aired.

Rant # 8. Dear humble, We live near DC and "tax cut" never means better control of pork barrel spending or programs that benefit corporations at the expense of everyman. It always means that the cuts will be in social services, humanitarian efforts, environmental issues, and all those "useless" programs that generally benefit the poor and middle class and not the wealthy. A tax "ceiling" was implemented on spending in nearby Prince George's County. The result - PG County is now one of the worst counties in the nation in terms of student achievement, even though it has had had a huge influx of higher paid residents. The folks who can afford it, even the minority residents, are sending their kids to private schools. Teachers have to buy their own supplies, books arrive three weeks after school starts because the school system's expenditures are slow. Fiscal responsibility is one thing. Tax cuts designed to "red tape" needy programs to death while expediting tax cuts to the wealthy (described as "beneficial to the economy") are another.

Please click here if you would have not been offended to hear a public servant read this letter on his November 3rd show.

Thank you, from Your Buddy humble

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