This year marks the 15th anniversary of the first fiddle on the Tobique. That first event included just 7 people, one fiddle and two canoes and a kayak. We are expecting 1400 canoes and 8,000 people and 150 musicians this year! And people come from New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, England, Ireland and there are 35 US states and all ten provinces, too! It sure has helped to put the Tobique on the map, and it all started right here in beautiful downtown Nictau!

First it was just the river run, but as it expanded, there were jam sessions, fiddle workshops, then a dandy concert, a pancake breakfast where the fiddlers play for the cooks, an old time dance, a lovely church service, and we also started a wonderful week long fiddle camp to teach kids and grownups how to play the fiddle! Over 80 graduated last year from the fiddle camp. Now we need a new fiddle camp to take the overflow students!

Glad you like New Brunswick! Life doesn't get much better than here! Bill Miller

June 23, 2007. The first time humble ever remembers getting into a canoe. humble & Marsha up forward in Kirk W. Whipper's canoe. Professor Whipper started the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario

Kirk W. Whipper 

humble & Marsha up forward. Professor Whipper back aft in the stern. Photos by Bill Miller, who started Fiddlers On The Tobique.

Bill Miller at his house in Nictau. 295 Miles from humble's house in St. George, Maine

Marsha and Professor Whipper and ? at end of canoe trip in Riley Brook

Professor Whipper and crew during canoe trip. Photo By Dianne Smith from Washington State.

John Viselli

John Viselli

Fiddlers on The Tobique - June 22, 23, 24, 2007

This will be updated to reflect the June 2008 dates as soon as they are available.

Friday June 22, 2007

11:30 AM the village of Plaster Rock will be having a reception for the fiddlers in the Welcome Center at the lower end of Town. the fiddlers then will head over to the manor and play for the seniors. The rest of the afternoon will be fiddle workshops and jam sessions and a supper for the fiddlers at the Donald Fraser school.

At 7:30 PM there will be a concert at the High school at the upper end of town featuring Ivan Hicks, Ned Landry and Ned's grand children, and lots of other fiddlers from Nova Scotia, Ontario , Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Saturday June 23, 2007

7:00 AM A pancake breakfast will be held at the Riley Brook Community Hall, and the fiddlers will be there playing for the cooks.

Jam sessions will follow wherever there are fiddlers!

1 PM --The River Run begins at 1 PM in Nictau, NB.We should be arriving in Riley Brook anytime after 3:30 pm

5 PM ---There is a public supper at the Riley Brook Hall, and a old time dance following. There will be a bar B Q at Black's camp and also one on my farm in Nictau.

I am planning on having an old fashioned barn dance in Nictau on my farm to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the raising of my barn.

Sunday June 24, 2007

At 8:30 Am there will be a church service here in Nictau at the new log home, and at 10 AM there will be another church service held in Riley Brook for those sleeping in later! The fiddlers will be playing the music!

For information contact

Bill Miller

4160 Route 385

Nictau, NB E7G 3A9

(506) 356-2409

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June 2008 information and dates of Fiddlers on the Tobique

Thank you, Robert Skoglund

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