The humble Farmer at Bowdoin College, January 31, 2003

"Outrageous" social commentary from The humble Farmer February 17, 2006 radio program.

From time to time I hear things that I have never heard before --- and I like to pass them along to you for your consideration. Tell me what you think. Iím You might remember that a week or two ago I mentioned to a friend, who employs several hundred people, that some of our friends donít earn enough money to enable them to go to the dentist. And he said that if people couldnít afford to go to the dentist they could have all their teeth yanked out like everyone did years ago.

Now Iíd never thought of that solution before, but it is obviously the way that some of our wealthier friends see things. I only mention this because it is in line with something else that happened a couple of days ago. I was told by someone who was there that a waitress in a restaurant had a seizure. I donít know what a seizure is, but this waitress fell back against the soda refrigerator and down to the floor. The woman who told me about this sat on the floor and held this shaking womanís head in her lap. She said that the waitressís hands were shaking and she turned bright red and her pulse was throbbing in her neck.

And she said that this waitress who had the seizure was scared. Sheíd fallen on the floor. Her hands were shaking. She was bright red and her pulse was throbbing, throbbing in her throat. But that wasnít why she was scared. When she could finally talk the first thing this woman did was to beg her friends to not let the ambulance medics take her to the hospital because she knew there was no way she could pay for it.

Robert Skoglund

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