The humble Farmer at Bowdoin College, January 31, 2003

Joshua Gleason
Editorial Assistant
Port City Life Magazine
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Thanks for this. I spoke with Lou Morrin yesterday and have some follow up questions for you - maybe we can talk later today or tomorrow?
Hi Joshua,
Yes, I look forward to talking with you. You should also talk with Mr. Roberts.
As I write this, I have a hand written letter from Mr. Roberts that I am about to scan and put on line.
Mr. Roberts is blind. He tells me that he has "MACKULAR" and can't follow lines on the paper.
Mr. Roberts prints, in a downhill slant, "I miss your talking about your neighbors and people that you've known. I hope you can go back to the former style."
Mr. Roberts and other people like him, more than the rest of us know, need, appreciate and look forward to humble’s humor and the feeling that humble is carrying on a one-on-one chat with them every Friday night.
I can live without MPBN and MPBN will survive without me. The real losers are the blind and otherwise handicapped shut-in friends who found comfort and laughter in the show I made "just for you" for 28 years.
Neighbor humble

A letter from Mr. Roberts

What is Macular Degeneration and how can I help? .

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