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1918 Pierce Arrow Windshield for Sale

I'd like to sell this windshield which I recently learned goes to a 1918 Pierce Arrow.

This 1918 Pierce Arrow windshield was given to me around 1963 by Mrs. Packard in Gorham, Maine, when I was a student at the college there. I was raking leaves or mowing her lawn and the windshield for the 1918 Pierce Arrow was in her barn.

After 50 or so years, I've finally been told that the windshield fits a 1918 Pierce Arrow, and now I would gladly pass it along to you in exchange for enough money to make two mortgage payments on my house.

I also have what I have been told is a 1910 Pierce Arrow horn, which I would also sell if someone would make me an eye-opening offer for it.

Make me an offer that rocks me back on my heels, and you own it.

Because these items only have value if somone makes an offer on them, at present they are completely worthless and are likely to spend another 50 years right where they are.

If you want to make me an offer that opens my eyes wide, you are going to own some Pierce Arrow parts.

A friend who knows more than a little about these things writes:

"Yes, the Pierce windshield has value and the most value is to someone with an immediate need. By that I mean I have people coming to me all the time with valuable parts but a person could go broke waiting for a person to come along to purchase it.

From the photo I can't tell if it is for a closed or open car. Open car would be more valuable unless there is a person who has a closed car windshield problem...not common.

By the way, I would like to see a photo of the 1910 brass horn. That would certainly have real value....

[x] looks like a good candidate and sounds fair. Ask him to give you an offer of course but I believe if there is a need for it then the value is between $500-$1500...hear him out....I have a hunch he knows and is fair.

The horn? Let me see a photo...in good shape they bring fairly good prices.

Best, Robert and keep me posted and certainly I will look for your e-mails for any questions."

From what my friend writes, it would seem that the value of my parts might not be enough to be worth my bother. Isn't "Fairly good" a relative term? Today I learned that the pension a retired teacher friend in Michigan gets is $80,000 a year or 10 times the "fairly good" pension my wife gets as a retired teacher in Maine. Ten times!!

From what my friend writes, it would seem that the value of my parts might not be enough to be worth my bother of trotting them out.

If you disagree, please let me know. I have a $4 a month computer phone, only one person can talk at a time, so it is completely useless to women. So if you call, please remember that we have to take turns talking or we won't hear each other.

Please give your purchase some careful thought. --- After all, what good is piles and piles of money if you don't use it to buy very exotic and unique toys that will impress your friends.

The humble Farmer

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