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The humble Farmer's Rant for April 28, 2007

Back in the 1950s when I was working in Crie’s hardware store in Rockland for $25 a week, if you had told me that I would live to see the day when I would pay $35 for a tank of gas, I would have said that there was no way in the world that people would ever vote to give republicans that much power.

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The humble Farmer's Rant for April 27, 2007

We saw the democratic presidential candidates discussed on TV this morning. We hear that 75 or so percent of the democrats are happy with their candidates. We heard in the same broadcast that only 50 or so percent of republicans are happy with their candidates. This does not mean, however, that a democrat will be elected president in the next election. The actual outcome of that election will rest in the hands of the republican appointed judges and the republicans who designed and installed the voting machines.

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 26, 2007

Private Alfred Comstock from Uvalde, Texas was named top commander of US forces in Iraq Wednesday when it was discovered that he was the highest ranking person in the US Army who still believed that the Iraq war could be won.

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 24, 2007

You already knew that Hitler was crazy. But you don’t have to read much to discover that you might already know more about this maniac than you realized.

In Who’s Who in Nazi Germany we read that after he started a war that he couldn’t win, he continually changed his mind about objectives.

He boasted that once he kicked the door in, "the whole rotten edifice will come tumbling down" and the campaign would be over in six weeks

Hitler prematurely proclaimed that the enemy had been "struck down and would never rise again."

Hitler refused to listen to advice, disregarding unpalatable facts and rejecting everything that did not fit into his preconceived picture of reality. Disasters in the battlefield led him to replace generals who sought permission for tactical withdrawals or who dared to suggest that there was no chance of winning.

The writing was on the wall but Hitler refused to countenance military defeat, believing that implacable will and the rigid refusal to abandon positions could make up for the lack of a sound overall strategy.

His country lacked the resources equal to a struggle against the world alliance in a war which he himself had provoked.

Bombing began to undermine the morale of the population. The generals, recognizing the inevitability of defeat, looked for a way out.

As disaster came closer, Hitler buried himself in a state of denial --- clutching at fantastic hopes that his "secret weapons," would yet turn the tide of war. He gestured wildly over maps, planned and directed attacks with non-existent armies and indulged in endless, night-long monologues which reflected his growing senility, misanthropy and contempt for the "cowardly failure" of his people.

In the end, when the roof was falling in, he ordered the commanding general not to surrender but to fight to the last man.

This final, macabre act of self-destruction appropriately symbolized the career of a political leader whose main legacy was the ruin of civilization and the senseless sacrifice of human life for the sake of power and his own commitment to the nonsense of his own mythology.

One wonders what kind of person would rally around Hitler’s flag today.

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 23, 2007

Greedy politicians are usually opposed to intellectual advancement. Back in the good old days, scientists uncovering an inconvenient truth were burnt at the stake. Nowadays they simply lose their government funding.

We read on the Internet that “the Alaskan branch of the US fish and wildlife service told its scientists that anyone traveling to the Arctic must understand ‘the administration's position on climate change, polar bears, and sea ice and will not be speaking on or responding to these issues’.”

Because that sounds like a directive in a fascist dictatorship, we suspect that quote might be a lie --- left wing propaganda. Plus, the leeches attached to this administration are so busy sopping up war and oil profits one doubts they have time to concern themselves with climate change.

We also read: “Last year Nasa's top climate scientist, James Hansen, reported that his bosses were trying to censor his lectures, papers and web postings. He was told by Nasa's PR officials that there would be ‘dire consequences’ if he continued to call for rapid reductions in greenhouse gases.”

Can it be true that a certain political party is presently leaning on scientists in this land of the free?

This item has turned up so often I’m ready to believe it: “A House committee released documents Monday that showed hundreds of instances in which a White House official, who was previously an oil industry lobbyist, edited government climate reports to play up uncertainty of a human role in global warming or play down evidence of such a role.”

On the Internet --- and the evening news --- we are constantly reminded that right here and now a political agenda, based on greed, is destroying the world.

There are obviously two well established laws of physics --- democratic and republican. But which one is fatally flawed? I’ll take the correlation coefficients and greenhouse gasses of a local scientist any day.

So, if you can handle the gut-wrenching truth about carbon dioxide molecules gone wild, you should dig out last Saturday’s Courier and read what Dr. Olof Anderson has to say about global warming hysteria. He’s obviously a young democrat.

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 21, 2007

Over the past month several newspapers have carried profiles and editorials about The humble Farmer. Dozens of letters about me have appeared in many more newspapers. Reporters with television cameras have solicited my opinion. A newspaper publisher and two television stations have asked for permission to broadcast my radio show. A surprising number of people who wrote to the newspapers referred to The humble Farmer as a literary icon – a philosopher whose words are to be venerated. All of this fuss surprised me because for 29 years I’ve been doing the same old thing. But then I realized --- that at the age of 70 --- I must have finally said something.

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 17, 2007

Although I could never afford to have children, I married a widow who now has three grandchildren. So --- I am able to realize all the wonderful benefits of being a grampy without the attendant guilt of having brought another consumer into an already overcrowded world. When the children are here, monkey climbs down off the couch and becomes an essential component of our daily life. What a delight it is to teach children to conjugate verbs with the aid of a puppet money. I take a bite from a piece of toast, and say to the child “I ate.” Then I pretend to feed the monkey a piece of toast and say, “Primate.”

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 15, 2007

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 14, 2007

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 13, 2007

The humble Farmer's Rant for April 11, 2007

The humble Farmer, St. George

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