Chairman Paul Olson
National Farmers Organization

Here are some pictures of you and your friends at your 2005 meeting.

Please let your friends know that you found them on humble's link called, "Pix of You At Shows."

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January 20, 2005, Melanie Dungan National Farmers Organization

February 19, 2005, Lynne Clough Arts Council of Tamworth

July 28, 2005, Lee & Randolph Deertrees

August 16, 2005, Dr. Jeff Ehrenfried South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association

August 19, 2005, Phyllis Damborg Maine-A-Bago

September 17, 2005, Jim Harrison Vermont Grocers' Association

October 15, 2005, Doris Chase, Robert Morrisette Maine Pharmacist Association

October 27, 2005, Greg Smith Maine Potato Growers


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2005 Robert Karl Skoglund