Ask for an email copy of the funny stories and educational social commentary (Rant) from humble's weekly radio show


Every week, as soon as possible after the show is made, humble will email you the stories he told on his radio program. 

Would you also like the name of each tune played and who played it? If you ask, it will be done --- just for you. You've been awful good to me over the past 29 years. I owe you Bigtime.  

Each email will also contain a shameless ad begging you to spend at least one night in The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast.

And --- in each email humble will ask you, on his knees with tears in his eyes, to attend his next public stage show in Maine. 

To avail yourself of this unique service, simply click on humble's email address below and ask for a weekly emailed copy of the Weekly Whine and Snivel.  


You are always welcome
to visit Marsha and I at our farm 
to visit Marsha and me at our farm 
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This is a crummy map, it cuts 4 miles off Long Cove. You could help me by locating a more accurate one. 

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