Wisconsin Apple Growers

Rural Insurance

& Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Wisconsin Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Conference

January 5, 2003

Keynote Speaker: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer


You were an excellent audience, and I really enjoyed talking with you. Thank you for making my visit to Wisconsin an enjoyable and memorable one. And do thank Anna & Chuck Maenner for inviting me to partipate in your meeting. I hope to meet you again soon.

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This is humble's first adventure with his Casio LCD Digital Camera QV-300, so be kind.

Over 30 wonderful pictures you posed for didn't come out at all.

It doesn't have a flash and it only takes good pictures where there is plenty of light, like outside.

Anna and Chuck help friends sign in

Allen and Sandra Seilheimer with Adrian Barta

Sandra's grandmother lived in Thomaston, Maine, where humble's great, great, great, great, great grandfather Moses Robinson lived in 1734, only five miles from where humble lives now.

Al Oberembt at Nufarm with Robert Zimmel from TH Agri-Chemicals


Anna's helper, Katie Glaser & man by entrance


Marilyn & Bruce Carlson, Farm & Orchard Cookbooks



Three at Table

Chuck admires Junior Gurgel's time-saving picking machine


Chuck signs in young farmers

Expert speaking

Fresh Strawberries

Sorry, the picture I took of Brian Krusko didn't come out at all.

But you can contact Brian at




Greg Klay, SeedWay


Jack Buchanan, Tom Wiesner & Kathleen Zickert

Jack told me to thin my carrots at 3 inches.

Kent & Helen Karberg, Dave & Mary Viney

Karlberg Orchards

Loretta Young finally gets the story about the animal that died.

She laughed all the way to the door.

Dale Young thinks about eating one of Don Bussau's United Pies.

Two friends by the farmer at the door

Patric Brown & Cyndi Milliken think about one of humble's stories.

Patric Brown & Cyndi Milliken get it.

Peter puts butterscotch on humble's apple

It was wicked good

If you don't serve butterscotch on apples, you're missing a big trick.

Tom Kaiser & Laura Siftar promote farm oriented coloring books that you should be selling at your farm stand.

Pyramid Publishing



Chuck helps Peter and Norma Jensen sign in.

Just to Peter's right is Judith Chute, who is rushing to the next meeting.

Judith has been known to visit Harrison, Maine

Edward Mischler, left, talks with Allen and Sandra Seilheimer

Tricia Bross worked with humble's friends, Richard & Freda Meredith, at Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont, Maine

William Cox asks Stan Peterson about trees

Please remember, this is the first time humble has tried to use his digital camera.

These are the only pictures that could be salvaged.

Can you imagine what the ones he threw away looked like?

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

Monmouth, Maine, November 9, 2002.

Maine Apple Day.

Highmoor Farm, University of Maine Apple Tree Experimental Station

As emcee at Maine Apple Day, humble sampled 25 apple pies. humble likes a nice, tart pie and you can see that he has found the winner.

Gremlins release the brake in Marsha's car, and it rolls down the bank while she is watering the roses at the Tenants Harbor Boat Yard. Those white things are masts off rich kid yachts.

Marsha, The Almost Perfect Woman, and humble in Lysekil, Sweden, around 1999.

Stop by when you get to St. George, Maine and I'll give you a ride in my 1919 Model T. When I was a kid it sat about 1,000 feet SE of where this picture was taken. I bought it in 1951 for $10.

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