Bowdoin College

January 31, 2003

Speaker/Storyteller: Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer


Burgie Howard gets the highest marks possible for assembling 400 or so friends to hear my stories. You were an excellent audience, the largest audience that has ever paid to be seated under one roof for the sole purpose of hearing The humble Farmer, and I really enjoyed talking with you. Thank you for making my first show at Bowdoin an enjoyable and unforgettable one. And do thank Burgie for daring to bring me to Bowdoin. I hope to meet you again soon.

Your help with correcting the errors and omissions on this page would be appreciated



This is humble's second adventure with his Casio LCD Digital Camera QV-300, so be kind.

Many of the inside pictures you posed for didn't come out at all.

The Casio LCD Digital Camera QV-300 doesn't have a flash and even when there is plent of light it only takes half decent pictures.

Burgie introduces humble on stage of Pickard Theater

The prince of wit?

Photo by Jason Long, Bowdoin Orient, used here without permission

Hannah Dean, top notch Staff Writer for The Bowdoin Orient, saw humble's show and wrote:

"...this man ... proved just the ticket to put a few homespun stitches in the side.

In short, he was irresistibly funny."

"His dry wit remained dry despite tears of laughter from the audience and his timing never faltered. Perhaps the most touching aspect of the evening was the fact that this prince of wit enjoyed hearing the audience laugh just as much as the audience enjoyed his anecdotes."

Wow! What a wonderful thing for Hannah to say. She ended with

"His home is in St. George, Maine where he encourages anyone passing through to drop in for a cookie."

Thank you for that, Hannah.

Front Desk at Student Activities

Bergie & Friend at Student Activities

Save The Cups. Shooting a scene from a movie. Humble was asked to be an extra

Film Crew with Save The Cups Scene

Eric Penley signs humble's Guest Book

Todd Johnston asked humble to Join him for Supper

Steve Muise

Glen Loper - Mandolin

Casady Holden - Bass

Fred White at CONTRAdance "The guitar player is Fred White (myself).

The band for the evening is The Consultants of Swing.

A subset of the Consultants (Steve Muise, Glen Loper, & Fred White) comprise one of Maine absolutely hottest (from a review, not my words) contradance bands.

The dances, when they were not swing dances were CONTRAdances, not squares."


This is not a scene from "Cops"


Christine Bevacqua, Ali Rau, Luke Wilson,

Ana Conboy, Jonn Haines

Luke and Ana are cast members of "Into The Woods"

Produced at Bowdoin February 20-22, 2003

The CONTRAdance Meister, John McIntire, gets thanked by a fan



Attending a CONTRAdance at Bowdoin

Ana Conboy (The Baker's Wife) "Into The Woods" & Christine Bevacqua

Big Bill Hale from Georgetown. A humble radio friend for years.

The CONTRAdance Meister, John McIntire

Edward Howe, Snapdragon is his group

Edward Howe on Fiddle, Snapdragon

humble & Ana Conboy

(Cast member of "Into The Woods")

Ana Conboy, cast member of "Into The Woods" and an old man who almost perished doing just one CONTRAdance.

Who are these friends?

humble told them to look up into the light because his camera wouldn't take a decent picture head on.

Please remember, this is the second time humble has tried to use his digital camera.

These are the only pictures that could be salvaged.

Can you imagine what the ones he threw away looked like?

Thank you for looking at the pictures.

And thank you for the wonderful welcome you gave humble at Bowdoin.

Monmouth, Maine, November 9, 2002.

Maine Apple Day.

Highmoor Farm, University of Maine Apple Tree Experimental Station

As emcee at Maine Apple Day, humble sampled 25 apple pies. humble likes a nice, tart pie and you can see that he has found the winner.

Gremlins release the brake in Marsha's car, and it rolls down the bank while she is watering the roses at the Tenants Harbor Boat Yard. Those white things are masts off rich kid yachts.

Marsha, The Almost Perfect Woman, and humble in Lysekil, Sweden, around 1999.

Stop by when you get to St. George, Maine and I'll give you a ride in my 1919 Model T. When I was a kid it sat about 1,000 feet SE of where this picture was taken. I bought it in 1951 for $10.

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