The Legislature has funding if you know how to go about getting it.

Photograph taken at my Annual Free Lobster Picnic, probably in 1995 or so. Representative Jack Libby (R) on my right. The title of this picture is: The Legislature has funding if you know how to go about getting it.

humble, Rob Gardiner, Carroll McDonald, Miss Maine, Bill Miller, Charles Beck, Brian Dreher, Susan Collins at The 1994 Annual Free Lobster Picnic.

Political friends. Please email me the names of any of these political friends as I can only identify 5 of them.

"Humble I was perusing you website and here are the names of the politicians (those dirty scoundrels) in your picture: Angus King, Bob Carr, Don Esty, Spike Carey, Susan Collins, Bill Lemke, Joe Carleton, Jack Libby, Ed Pineau. I didn't recognize the woman next to Susan or the one wearing the tiara. Joe Bruno"

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