Letter to The humble Farmer,
a 50 year member of St. George Grange #421.


The members of Nobleboro Grange thank you for a most enjoyable evening on July 27. Everyone who attended (all 77 of them) went home chuckling over your stories.

Our fund raising venture was quite successful as we made a profit of over $200!

We were also pleased that the community's awareness of Nobleboro Grange was increased. Most of those people had never been in a grange hall before!

We would encourage other granges to hold a similar event. It can be quite successful even when the number of members involved is small. We had about seven people actively involved in selling tickets and distributing posters.

A major factor in our large turnout was media coverage.

Most newspapers (daily & weekly) from Brunswick to Rockland as well as the Portland Press Herald and Kennebec Journal were contacted via email.

(Hint: If you present your information as a press release, there are no charges. I even sent a photo.)

At our next meeting we plan to discuss plans to have you come next summer. I'll be in touch.

Laurie McBurnie, incoming Master, Nobleboro Grange

Let's talk about doing a fundraiser at your grange. For a free audio CD of The humble Farmer on stage, call 207-226-7442, or email your snail mail address to:

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