Hi there. Thank you for coming by to read a few of humble's stories. He wrote for over 50 newspapers for many years, has entertained northern New England for 25 years with his Public Radio program and has had a weekly TV show since his hair was brown.

Humble has entertained hundreds of audiences from Holland to California. This is just a small sampling of the thousands of stories he has written and told to audiences like yours over the past 25 years.

Meeting planners --- please reply with your mail address and your meeting date for a free audio CD demo and press kit. Play this hilarious audio CD (or cassette) in your car and arrive with a smile on your face. 


Spring  An Andrew Wyeth Christmas 
Summer The Real Meaning of Christmas 
Fall  Ghosts of Christmas Past 
Halloween Marsha, The APW 
Winter Doctors, Nurses & Hospitals 
Sports Retirement & The "Golden Years" 
Education Humor and Old Age 
The Art Park  Portrait of The humble Farmer by Stephen O. Muskie 
   Spaghetti for the Single Person 

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