Scheduled Public Appearances in 2013

Photo by Jason Long, Bowdoin Orient
Bowdoin College Show
Pickard Theater, located on the beautiful Bowdoin College campus

Ten rants from humble's January 31, 2010 television program


Making a radio show for you.

You can share some laughs with Robert at one or more of his shows next summer. The dates listed below are subject to change, so please check them often.

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Scheduled Local Public Appearances in 2013

This list does not include some private functions.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Remember to bring your camera.

Remembering Tom Rowe Concert

The Common Ground Fair September 20, 21, 22, 2013 ---

Because you probably only come to the fair for one day, I have asked to say a few words on all three days so I don't miss seeing you.

If all goes as planned, I won't have a table this year but you can ask Maine icons Gary Lawless, Roger Leister or our weed touting friends from Starks where to find me. I'll try to remember to bring Marsha's cell phone so you can call me on that. I'm there to chat with you.

humble preparing a meal for his Bed and Breakfast guests

Although rapidly being infiltrated by the extreme right media, The Common Ground Fair is still the greatest thing going in Maine.

I look forward to it all year ---

Mainly because it is a chance to chat with you.

You will hear me telling about it on my radio and television shows.

You can read about it on my Facebook page. I wrote about it in my Portland Press Herald column in September 2013.


Good news. humble will be telling some good old funny stories on stage, just for you, at

The Common Ground Fair 2013 

Where, for three fun filled days

A few acres of land
Will host more IQ than can be found anywhere this side of Cambridge

Come and picnic if you want
150 demonstrations every day
Yes, I plan to be there all three days just for the opportunity to meet you and have been permitted to speak in the Railcar Tent at noon on Friday and Saturday and at 2 on Sunday
Here's a tip. They say that if you join MOFGA now, you'll get into the fair free. You can join at the ticket gate. Only cash is accepted at the ticket gate.
I already have my membership paid up until 2014. So I get in free all three days.
Call (207) 568-4142 now and ask how you can join.
Also ---
I once heard that if you volunteer to help out for 4 hours
1. you get in free
2. you get an organic meal
3. you get a T shirt
(that was hopefully not produced by child labor)
Tickets for 2013 are
$10 each day for ages 13 to 64
$8 each day for 65 and over
Children 12 and under free
$0. Under 12. Yup, if you're a kid you get in free

2013 Annual Remembering Tom Rowe Concert

Following the death of Tom Rowe in 2004, his son Dave organized the first Remembering Tom Rowe concert in Lewiston. The concerts became an annual event and this year will be sponsored by JMMF.

2013 Concert

The 2013 concert will be held on

2013 Concert Lineup

This year's concert will include the Dave Rowe Trio. The humble Farmer, who for the umpteenth time will appear only briefly as a token groupie, has promised to say as little as possible. In 2011 he completely lost his voice so he couldn't say anything at all.

By the way, you can see and hear guitar artist, master crowd pleaser, and everybody's friend Denny Breau in humble's 10 most recent television programs.

Ask humble how to have this show (which now goes into over 700,000 homes nation-wide, most of which are below the Mason-Dickson Line, run in your town.

For more non-information call humble at (207) 226-7442

Now when you go down to Monhegan

Put your money in your shoes
Cause them women on Monhegan
Got them deep Monhegan Blues.

Spaghetti for the Single Person 
Stephen O. Muskie's Portrait of The humble Farmer 

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