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humble's friends at Somersworth, New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce banquet. May 3, 2003

"I've heard nothing but good things about the event, and your part made quite a difference! I've been to many, many dinners for various Chambers and usually the speaker is someone who is about as interesting as the salad that's being served. You made the night fun and special! The bank plans on sponsoring the dinner again next year due to its great success!"

Karyn Scharf, Branch Manager

Kennebunk Savings Bank --- (May 12, 2003)

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Humble has entertained hundreds of audiences from Holland to California. Play this hilarious audio CD in your car and arrive with a smile on your face. Having fun is what life is about.

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Thank you for coming by to read a few of humble's stories. He wrote for over 50 newspapers for many years and has entertained northern New England for 29 years with his Public Radio program.

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January 5, 2003. Anna Maenner, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Apple Growers, Wisconsin Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Conference, Rural Insurance & Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

January 31, 2003. Burgie Howard, Bowdoin College

January 31, 2003. Hannah Dean,  The Bowdoin Orient, reports on humble's show.

February 12, 2003. Carolyn Bond, Southwinds Mobile Home Park, Sarasota, Florida.

Can you help us with this photo? Possibly a Gilchrest Family Reunion in the 1890s.

John Gould Day in Maine - Saturday, August 17, 2002

What? You didn't hear what humble said on his radio show the other night? You can read some of his radio script for September, 2002

Photos from a couple of humble's Annual Free Lobster Picnics. Help me identify these people. It was hard to get different groups together on the front lawn to photograph, because there were 1200 or so people out back under the tent, and no one wanted to leave the entertainment.


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